Thursday, October 30, 2014

New Devotional YouTube Channel

Drew has started a new YouTube channel at . So far there are several short devotional videos on Faith, the Bible and Prayer.  Some of the more popular ones include one titled 'Pray, and Let God Worry' and 'Listen to Jesus'.  As of today "Listen To Jesus" has been viewed 776 times. So check out some of the devotional video's at  There is more discussion on the devotional video's at

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Drew Loves to Start Web Sites

Creative Drew Haninger has started:, and .

Also along the way a few others were started, the very first was and, and then eventually -- these three currently re-direct to Drew's main Christian video devotional site  was short for "In The Beginning" which are the very first words of Genesis "In the beginning God cerated the heavens and the earth" and the book of John "In the beginning was the Word,...."

So in the very beginning Drew had something like  but needed something short for his Cable TV Bible Study program that aired on Public Access TV in several cities (including Phoenix, Seattle and LA), so used    which eventually became  which eventually became Olive Tree Bible Software.  was started as an expression of Drew's interest in Creativity. But don't forget the first very creative person, "God" who in the beginning created the earth.

more later.....